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    Has anyone ever developed a thermal analysis software via CAD? I'm looking for a new project to invest my time in and I've been interested in thermal analysis and thermophysics for a while now. After stumbling across this website which offers a great number of possible thermal analysis methods, such as thermogravimetry and dielectric analysis, I've been curious about how to develop your very own thermal analysis tool accompanied by its own special software.

    If anyone has ever seen a post on the net that deals with this kind of stuff, please share! I am so interested in learning more :)

    Hello everyone,

    I just came across a website about hardening stainless steel (-> in which they improve things like wear protection, corrosion resistance and other things. However, I was under the impression that stainless steel was pretty corrosion resistant to begin with? Why else would it be called STAINLESS steel? I thought stainless steel couldn't rust! This is why all of my kitchen tools are made of stainless steel after all... So the only explanation can be that it DOES corrode but under extreme circumstances, am I right?? Under which conditions does that happen? I'm curious!

    TOKYO — In his latest Twitter outburst against North Korea, President Trump said that “long gas lines [are] forming in North Korea,” adding an exclamatory “Too bad!” (In the same tweet, he bestowed a new nickname on Kim Jong Un: “Rocket Man.”)


    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump

    I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!

    But where is the president getting this information about gas lines from?

    Residents in the North Korean capital are scratching their heads. Although there are reports of price increases, they’ve seen no queues at the few service stations in Pyongyang, a capital of some two million that has more cars than it used to but is still far from congested.

    “We are not aware of any long queues at the gas stations,” said one foreign resident of Pyongyang. “At least, I haven’t noticed anything. I asked a few Koreans and they haven’t seen anything either.”…ea-has-residents-puzzled/